AlterEducation.org is a social movement with political motivation, aimed to open minds regarding the subject of school (as it exists today) being mandated by the government. In short, we seek to abolish compulsory education. Our focus is to challenge the predominance of the current system, by presenting theories which contest conventional educational psychology.

Our mission involves introducing and spreading both new and existing alternative approaches to the government’s role in education, while advancing a movement toward radically reforming or eliminating the U.S. Department of Education, and furthermore influencing the world’s education system.

What we believe:
The mandatory and homogeneous nature of traditional education undermines intrinsic motivation and impedes self determination, creating a stale society of many followers with few leaders. This perpetuates a state of false freedom, and greatly inhibits the advancement of society.

Our movement is also attached to a larger social movement to create a freer society, with the idea that change starts with the youth. Traditional education teaches “citizenship for the state” and is designed to support a system which relies on subservient minds, in order sustain the power of a few. We seek to reclaim “ownership of the self” and individualism.

In contrast to traditional education with its emphasis on inculcating institutional values, indoctrinating moral standards and respect for the law, we seek an education that fosters self-respect, autonomy and free will.

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